Affordable and Flexible Pricing

"Pretty easy moving from Excel to Budgyt distributed platform."

Scott Hendrickson, CFO
Alliant National Title Insurance Co.

"So easy to learn! It's like the crystal ball for budgeting!"

Aileen Zelekowitz
Independent Retail Consultant


How long does it take to learn Budgyt?

Regular users usually learn how to use the main functionality in under an hour, and Budgyt’s intuitive structure and integrated knowledge base allow them to get up to speed on their own pretty rapidly from then on. Admins usually learn the advanced features after another hour of training.

Do you provide support for your users?

Yes we do. Budgyt is very user friendly and our customers quickly learn how it works, but we are always available to answer questions and guide you. When you first sign up with Budgyt, we provide a full white gloves onboarding service, where we setup your budget structure, integrate historic data and replicate any formulas in your current budgeting system, as well as training you along the way. This way you can start driving your budgets immediately without having to worry about setup procedures. We’ve found that the best way for users to learn Budgyt is to start budgeting as soon as possible with numbers they are already familiar with.

How are you different from other budgeting softwares?

Many budget softwares were built 10 to 20 years ago and are built upon dated technology and design.  The Cloud has created a painless method for creating multi-user budgeting software.  Budgyt is the most viable option for the cost conscious buyer looking for sophisticated but easy-to-use software with a short on-boarding time to replace their Excel budgets.