Affordable Budgeting Software

for Small to Midsize Businesses and Nonprofits

Save 80% of the time and expense of building and managing multiple department or project budgets compared to spreadsheets.  Budgyt is a highly adaptable cloud-based budgeting solution that is user friendly for both financial and non-financial members of your team.



"Awesome Tool! Just what we needed to take budgeting to the next level!"

Alex Debord, Finance & S&OP Manager
Sierra Nevada Beer Company

Organizations making the most of Budgyt

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Budgyt can save you over 230 hours of work versus Excel for a business budgeting for 10 departments.  See below to find out how much you could save.

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Data Sheet - Eliminate Excel Tabs with one source of data entry

User Management - Set security and permissions for all your users

Reports - Imagine all reports always formatted and calculated perfectly

Dashboards - Navigate and drill down in seconds to audit any number or formula

Versioning - Have unlimited versions that are easy to find and audit

Formulas - powerful formulas that users can't break but still allowed to manage the assumptions

"Sets up special reports, very accommodating company and solution. Not too complicated as a lot of budgeting solutions tend to be."

Luther Burrell, VP of Administration and IT
Ivey Mechanical Company

Success stories and Testimonials

Easy Formulas

Better than Excel

User Friendly

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"The best part of Budgyt is how easily formulas and other rules can be managed, used, and modified between budget years." 

Patt Begg, SVP
MI Financial

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"Non-finance savvy department managers find it a vast improvement over our previous Excel-based process."

Larry Silver, CFO
Texas Stars Hockey Club

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"Budgyt is also quite user friendly. None of our users have had any difficulties learning how to use it."

Elizabeth, Accountant
Evelyn & Walter Haas Jr. Fund

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Budgyt software has been developed by accounting experts having decades of experience in accounting and budgeting to meet the needs of growing and expanding businesses. Budget management software is an ultimate choice for growing and expanding business. More and more businesses are adopting it and replacing the traditional methods of excel and spreadsheets for its multitude of benefits, such as:

· It is capable of generating insightful reports including profit and loss, income and expenditures, for business budget and planning. When you use excel for budgeting, you need to prepare reports by hand. Budget forecasting software saves you time and resources by automating the whole process.

· Budgyt provides real time data as and when required by the users. Excel spreadsheets usually become sluggish as they handle more and more data. Any growing organisation needs to have an affordable budget management system software that allows real time sharing and updating of data.

· As the whole process is automated with controllable formulas, there are little to no errors at all. On the other hand, while using excel, you may make formula errors and spend too much time auditing formulas for mistakes.  Your reputation is on the line.  Budget software ensures accurate reporting by allowing users to create formulas and assuring numbers are calculated properly each time.

· It allows you to work on your accounting on the go using a tablet or a smartphone Modern web interface is accessible from anywhere, so you can easily upgrade to the latest version.

Budget planning software improves the cash flow, flexibility in business operations, disaster recovery, automatic software updates, working from anywhere, increases collaboration, security, environmental friendliness, and competitive strength of a business

If your current budget forecasting excel system is limiting your company’s growth or demanding more time and resources, it is time to make smart choices for your business. If you are looking for a demo for a budget planning software, feel free to contact us for free demo.