Efficient and Time-saving Features

Budgyt - Data Sheet.png

Single Data Entry Point 

  • All data is controlled from one place for easy learning and navigation 

  • Easily add description, vendor or notes to any detail line for reference later

  • Categories can be assigned to one or more Departments

  • Instantly compare Actual data to Budget data

  • Enter data quickly using built in spreading tools
  • User permissions controlled at Category and Department level
  • Attach supporting documents to and sub-categories
  • Option to link data from complex calculations in Excel
  • 12 Period and 13 Period Setup Options
  • Allocate Data equally, by % or by 4-4-5, 4-5-4 or 5-4-4

Instant Navigation

  • All Budgeted data is hyperlinked for rapid navigation and look up
  • Drill down to review underlying assumptions instantly including notes, description or vendor information
  • Budget to Actual Reporting is automatically organized by:
    • Company
    • Region
    • Department
    • Super Header
    • Header
    • Group
    • Category
    • Non-Financial Category
    • Sub-Category
    • Period (12 or 13 periods)
    • User Permissions
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Budgyt - Reports.png

Perfectly formatted reports

  • All reports export to Excel and are formatted by:
    • Company
    • Region
    • Department
    • Super Header
    • Header
    • Group
    • Category
    • Non-Financial Category
    • Sub-Category
    • Category Notes
    • Period (12 or 13 periods)
    • User Permissions
  • Budget to Actual Comparisons for all Departments
  • Reports instantly distributed to all users according to their permissions
  • Easily accessible via the report library


  • Make unlimited versions of your budgets 
  • Easily adjust assumptions to show different scenarios
  • Control access to each version
  • Clone any budget for instant versioning
Budgyt - Versions.png

Budgyt - Copy.png

Scalable as you grow

  • Our powerful copy features and built in structure make budgeting simple for growing companies
  • Add new departments or categories in seconds and all reports remain perfectly formatted
  • Leverage our copy tools to update categories across multiple departments in seconds

Multi-Department Formulas  

  • Our formulas are built specifically to handle structural changes in multiple department businesses
  • Formulas are easy to make but hard to break
  • Navigating our formulas is intuitive and easy
  • Control which assumptions your users can view or edit
  • No need to learn any codes or syntax
Budgyt - Formulas.png

Budgyt - User Management.png

User Permissions

  • Control what your users view or have access to:
    • Edit Data, View Data
    • Reporting access
    • Region Acccess
    • Department Access
    • Category view/edit rights
    • Approval over users submissions
  • Limit User access to certain accounts or departments for any user  
  • Locked down data that can't be edited
  • Get the layered control over your data you can't get with Excel
  • Enjoy the collaborative Budgeting process the way it should be


ACcess Historical Data in seconds

  • Import Actual data via APIs or Manually using CSV
  • We currently import direct via API with:
    • QuickBooks Online
    • Xero
    • ConnectWise
    • Blackbaud (Coming Soon)
  • Import Data via Calendar or Fiscal including 4-4-5, 4-5-4, or 5-4-4
Budgyt - Import Data.png

Budgyt Payroll

Employee Module: Allocate Employees and manage Any HR Formula

  • Plan employee by hourly or salary for any department
  • Allocate employee payroll to one or more departments by dollar or percent.  Ideal for non-profits.
  • Employee Dashboard to view and control expenses across department
  • Limit access to sensitive payroll information
  • Apply Payroll Taxes like Social Security and Futa Limits
  • Apply Bonus or Commissions easily by employee
  • Track and build Merit Increases for any period with notation
  • Use Hire and Terminate dates to control when payroll is active

Approval Process and Workflow

  • Regain control over the budget process by enforcing users to submit data for approval
  • Ideal for expense control as well
  • Dashboards for Global Approval
  • Audit log for all submissions for approval and pending approvals
  • View data by Submitted, Pending or Approved
  • Track conversations around approvals or disapprovals