Who's it For

Budgyt is used by CFOs, CEOs, Marketing Directors, IT Directors and COOs who are looking for a better way to budget their multiple departments than Excel.  Our customers come from a broad spectrum of industries including nonprofit, sports, manufacturing, service, retail, financial, restaurants, wholesale and IT services.   


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"Awesome Tool! Just what we needed to take budgeting to the next level!"

Alex Debord
Finance & S&OP Manager

Company: Sierra Nevada Beer Company
Industry: Manufacturing & Retail


"The best part of Budgyt is how easily formulas and other rules can be managed, used, and modified between budget years."

Patt Begg
SVP Corporate Operations

Company: M/I Financial
Industry: Mortgage Lending

"Non-finance savvy department managers find it a vast improvement over our previous Excel-based process."

Larry Silver

Company: Texas Stars, LP
Industry: Professional Sports

"The fact that we can break down our budget into many different groups, consolidate and report in both detail and consolidated via easy to use Excel."

Luther Burrel
VP Admin & IT

Company: Ivey Mechanical
Industry: HVAC

"Budgyt gives me an easy distribution method for my managers to quickly access the budget comparison reports.

David Schroeder

Company: Luna Grill
Industry: Fast Casual Restaurant

"Now we no longer have to generate reports in Quickbooks and send them to users so that they can parse the data."

Elizabeth Burchfield

Company: Evelyn & Walter Haas Jr.
Industry: Nonprofit

Company: Electromechanical Research Laboratories
Industry: Energy

"I am a big fan of BUDGYT. It really was a game changer for our growing business."

Jay Godfrey

Company: Jay Godfrey
Industry: Fashion Wholesale

"We love the dashboards way more than the excel reports we email every week."

Michelle Martin

Company: Western Restaurant Franchises, Inc.
Industry: QSR (Quick Service Restaurant)

"Not only was Budgyt easy to use but it allowed me to build comparative reports by rep and by account which was what I needed."

Fran Blanco
Director of Operations

Company: eMazzanti Technologies, Inc.
Industry: IT Services

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"Budgyt gave us a streamlined process which we didn't have before.  I can finally hold my General Managers accountable to their budgets with easy reporting access."

Brett Norwich

Company: Mo Jack, LLC (Jack-in-the-Box franchisee)
Industry: QSR (Quick Service Restaurant)

"Budgyt helped us organize our 25 stores' budgeting process and saved us from so many headaches."

Haro Keledjian

Company: Intermix
Industry: Womens' Specialty Retail

Whether your organisation is a small business or mid-sized business, Budgyt software is the ideal choice to replace your excel budgeting and forecasting needs. Budgyt is currently serving a broad spectrum of industries including budget forecasting for non-profits, sports, and hospitals budgeting in New York, manufacturing, service, retail, financial, restaurants, wholesale and IT services. The intuitive platform is redefining how healthcare providers and organizations budget, forecast, analyse and report. Some of the top features are as follows:

· Single data entry point for multiple users

· Instant navigation

· Perfectly formatted reports

· Easy to create unlimited versions of your budget

· Scalable as your business grows

· Multi-department formulas to handle structural changes in multiple departments

· It integrates departmental budgets for a consolidated financial view

Corporate budgeting software is the right alternative to sluggish excel disorganized and inaccurate spreadsheets. A strong budget software provides foundation for the right decision making in general organisation management, streamlining financial accounts and we can import data from any General Ledger report from any Accounting Software.

By using Budget software for budgeting in health care management, it helps managers to keep eye on the day to day expenses and revenues generated on an ongoing basis throughout the year. For instance, if you want to track and control cost, you can get costing analyses by doctor, physician, healthcare provider, procedure, or operating unit.

Budgyt has a team of budgeting insiders who are technology savvy professionals, accounting experts and business specialists. If you wish to know how Budgyt can work for your healthcare unit, non-profit organisation, or any other business, we would be happy to provide you with a personalized demo at your convenience.