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Texas Stars, LP (Hockey)
Success Story

Industry:  Professional Sports Team
Role: CFO
Accounting Software:  Dynamics Great Plains
Location:  Texas
Users:  32
P&Ls:  26


Larry is the CFO of the Texas Hockey Stars, a professional hockey sports club that also oversees the facility that they operate. They have 26 departments involved in their operations and 50 employees overall.

Larry wanted a budgeting solution to help organize and analyze operating expenses for each of their 26 departments. The budgeting solution needed to show budget vs actual variance reporting and import and export data from Dynamics Great Plains. The budgets needed to be created at the start of each fiscal year by each department.

He was using an excel workbook that he would email to users who in turn would edit and fill in data and email back to him. The links between the tabs that Larry carefully created to make multiple consolidate P&Ls would frequently break by his unaware users. These same users couldn’t be trusted to use formulas correctly when they inserted rows or columns. Often he would see incorrect calculations or worse dividing by zero results!

Additionally he wanted a web-based interface that allowed his department heads to create comments to describe what they line item they were budgeting. He also wanted to be able to attach a spreadsheet with complicated calculations or be able to perform calculations directly on the program’s interface that will help detail the expenses and revenue by each month.

THEIR Challenges

Larry needed the ability to link any number of excel sheets for any category. He requested Dashboards that showed by month and requested Fiscal Reporting periods. He also requested the ability to have categories limited to departments. This new functionality was a mandatory requirement prior to purchasing.

OUR Solution

Our development team brainstormed and created unique solutions for Larry that are now standard for all Budgyt users which included the revised dashboards, limiting categories to departments, excel linking for complex calculations and expanded comment fields.

Working with Larry we modified the development process to improve the overall functionality for Larry. The dashboards and reporting show for him all Budget to Actual summary and detail for each department.

The implementation process took several weeks from start to finish because of the custom modifications he requested. The training of all users on using and maintaining the program took just a few hours.

WE Delivered

  • Larry became a customer after we implemented these solutions After 4-6 weeks of development the excel linking has been successfully integrated into the Budgyt solution.
  • Larry has rolled out the solution to his team and they have uploaded dozens of excel linked sheets that are readily downloadable.
  • Larry and his team are saving a lot of time managing the budget process using Budgyt