Ivy Mechanical Company
Case Study

Industry:  HVAC
Client's Role: 
Location: Mississippi
Users:  40
P&Ls:  32


Luther, wanted to replace his Excel budget templates because they took too much time to manage. He had over 30 templates that were formatted to allow his users to update certain data. He felt there might be something that would help streamline this process. The budgeting software’s intended purpose was for preparing budgets for the two related entities under their corporate umbrella and he wanted the ability to separate these budgets between multiple cost centers/ departments within their primary entity.

THEIR Challenges

Luther needed something user friendly that allowed their 40 users to login and enter data only for their particular Profit and Loss budget. They needed the ability to import then annualize their historical data as they created their budgets in October and only has January thru Aug data.

OUR Solution

First off we set up his Chart of Accounts and Locations in Budgyt. We then created different Subdomains for each of his legal entity and created user permissions for each of his 40 users.

Training was about one to two hours for all his users. We created the annualize feature for them to annualize any historical data. This saved them hours of work each budget period.

Lastly, we created the customized Budget Summary report to meet his requirement of seeing for all locations Net Sales, COGS, Gross Margin, Operating Expense, Operating Income, Other Income/Expense and Net Income.