Distinguishing Features


Data Integrity

Formulas and links cannot be deleted by changing data. The user has to go to the formula page to edit formulas.

Version Control

Budgyt allows unlimited versions which can be created from scratch, or cloned in seconds from current data sets.

User Access

Budgyt allows each user to have different access restrictions at the function, cost center, and GL account level.


We estimate Budgyt saves up to 80% of time spent budgeting in Excel for a company with more than 10 cost centers.

Efficient & Time-Saving Features


Single Data Entry Point

  • All data is controlled from one place for easy learning and navigation

  • Easily add description, vendor or notes to any detail line for reference later

  • Categories can be assigned to one or more Departments

  • Instantly compare Actual data to Budget data

  • Enter data quickly using built in spreading tools

  • User permissions controlled at Category and Department level

  • Attach supporting documents to and sub-categories

  • Option to link data from complex calculations in Excel

  • 12 Period and 13 Period Setup Options

  • Allocate Data equally, by % or by 4-4-5, 4-5-4 or 5-4-4

Instant Navigation

  • All Budgeted data is hyperlinked for rapid navigation and look up

  • Drill down to review underlying assumptions instantly including notes, description or vendor information

  • Budget to Actual Reporting is automatically organized by:

    • Company
    • Region
    • Department
    • Super Header
    • Header
    • Group
    • Category
    • Non-Financial Category
    • Sub-Category
    • Period (12 or 13 periods)
    • User Permissions

Perfectly Formatted Reports

  • All reports export to Excel and are formatted by:

      • Company

      • Region

      • Department

      • Super Header

      • Header

      • Group

      • Category

      • Non-Financial Category

      • Sub-Category

      • Category Notes

      • Period (12 or 13 periods)

      • User Permissions

  • Budget to Actual Comparisons for all Departments

  • Reports instantly distributed to all users according to their permissions

  • Easily accessible via the report library


  • Make unlimited versions of your budgets

  • Easily adjust assumptions to show different scenarios

  • Control access to each version

  • Clone any budget for instant versioning


Scalable as you grow

  • Our powerful copy features and built in structure make budgeting simple for growing companies

  • Add new departments or categories in seconds and all reports remain perfectly formatted

  • Leverage our copy tools to update categories across multiple departments in seconds

Multi-Department Formulas

  • Our formulas are built specifically to handle structural changes in multiple department businesses

  • Formulas are easy to make but hard to break

  • Navigating our formulas is intuitive and easy

  • Control which assumptions your users can view or edit

  • No need to learn any codes or syntax


User Permissions

  • Control what your users view or have access to:

    • Edit Data, View Data

    • Reporting access

    • Region Acccess

    • Department Access

    • Category view/edit rights

    • Approval over users submissions

  • Limit User access to certain accounts or departments for any user

  • Locked down data that can't be edited

  • Get the layered control over your data you can't get with Excel

  • Enjoy the collaborative Budgeting process the way it should be

Access historical data in seconds

  • Import Actual data via APIs or Manually using CSV. CSV via General Ledger report from your acccounting software. We will build you an excel template that converts your GL report into the importable file for budgyt. Takes 3-5 minutes each month to update your transaction history into budgyt.

  • We currently import direct via API with:

    • QuickBooks Online

    • Xero

    • ConnectWise

    • Blackbaud (Coming Soon)

  • Import Data via Calendar or Fiscal including 4-4-5, 4-5-4, or 5-4-4


Employee Module: Allocate Employees and manage any HR formula

  • Plan employee by hourly or salary for any department

  • Allocate employee payroll to one or more departments by dollar or percent. Ideal for non-profits.

  • Employee Dashboard to view and control expenses across department

  • Limit access to sensitive payroll information

  • Apply Payroll Taxes like Social Security and Futa Limits

  • Apply Bonus or Commissions easily by employee

  • Track and build Merit Increases for any period with notation

  • Use Hire and Terminate dates to control when payroll is active

Approval process and workflow

  • Regain control over the budget process by enforcing users to submit data for approval

  • Ideal for expense control as well

  • Dashboards for Global Approval

  • Audit log for all submissions for approval and pending approvals

  • View data by Submitted, Pending or Approved

  • Track conversations around approvals or disapprovals