• How much does Budgyt Cost?

    • Pricing starts at $99 a month for up to 10 combined users and departments. Click here to learn more

    • We then charge $7.50 per additional user per month and $7.50 per additional Department per month

    • If you have many projects and very few accounts please contact us regarding pricing

    • If you have more than 50 total departments and users please contact us.

  • Do you integrate with QuickBooks Online?

    • We integrate via API with QuickBooks Online and Xero. We map QuickBooks Classes to our Departments and Accounts to our Categories. It takes about 20 minutes to map everything and then importing your historical data takes a few seconds. We also can export your data via Excel. Most users use our Budget to Actual dashboards and reports and enjoy having all the transaction history in Budgyt with user permission access at the Department (class) and Account levels.

  • Do you integrate with QuickBooks Desktop or Enterprise?

    • For all accounting software without APIs, we import the transaction history from the General Ledger Report. We make this easy so you can handle the import within minutes each month. We create an Excel template that converts your GL report into an importable file for Budgyt. You can easily manage this template and import your actual data within minutes each month.

  • Do you have APIs?

    • We have APIs with QuickBooks Online, Xero and Connectwise.  We can establish APIs with your accounting software if you do not like our General Ledger import process.

  • Do you have work force planning or payroll planning?

    • Yes. We have an extensive employee module that allows you to manage payroll across your departments seamlessly. Manage any HR formulas like payroll tax with limits or commission or bonus or health insurance that you can assign to your employees and/or allocate these across your departments easily.  This is a big time saver compared to Excel.

  • How long does it take to Setup?

    • We can setup a trial site for you within 24 hours. We have introductory videos and an extensive KnowledgeBase as well as email or phone support 9-6pm M-F and 9am to 2pm on Saturdays

  • Do you have Balance Sheet or Cash Flow forecasting?

    • We do not have Balance Sheet or Cash Flow forecasting now but aim to have that capability in 2020.  Many of our customers are seeking a budgeting tool that they can leverage across their organization.  In this regard, a Profit and Loss budgeting platform like Budgyt is enough.  Most CFOs export our PL reports and use those to create their Balance Sheet and Cash Flow in Excel. We have Excel Templates for Balance Sheet and Cash Flow if you so desire.

  • Do you offer Support?

    • Yes we over email or phone support or screen share support from 9-6pm M-F and 9am to 2pm on Saturdays except major holidays.

  • Do I need to install software?

    • No our platform resides on the cloud specifically Amazon Web Services and is hosted for you. All you and your team need to do is log in.


"Budgyt is a comprehensive cloud-based budget tool that provides all the functionality and flexibility our organization needs. It replaced our Excel-based process."

Larry Silver, CFO
Texas Stars Hockey Club