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Industry: Energy
Role: CFO
Location: Indiana
Users: 1
P&L's: 13

Accounting Software:

Their Ask

Dan Peterworth is the CFO of a made to order manufacturing company with two locations and 90 employees throughout both locations.

He uses Epicor Vantage ERP Software for daily operations and backend accounting.

He wanted a standalone budgeting, planning & forecasting software solution as a single user system.

He wanted to be able to produce budget vs. actual variance reports and general budgeting reports. And he wanted to be able to use this software for divisions of their organization separately and their company as a whole. This company operates as one legal entity but the separate divisions in their organization work on different types of manufacturing tasks and projects.

Their Challenges

Dan was using excel for his different divisions but he wanted to allocate these expenses and revenues to other divisions based on percentages.

He knew he wanted to make several versions of the budget until things became more clear so he didn’t want to maintain many spreadsheets.

He wanted some categories to be a fixed amount and also part of a formula as a percent of sales and he also needed historical data imported from Epicor.

Our Solution

First we imported all historical data from Epicor by Period and year for the past two years. We trained him on how to do this process each month that takes about 10 minutes while we recreated all his excel templates in Budgyt and verified they matched.

Finally we created an allocation and elimination function for him to manage the spreading of data across centers.

The implementation process took about 1 week from start to finish including training all users on using and maintaining the program.

We Delivered

  • Our clone feature gave him the quick and seamless capability to recreate any forecast or budget.

  • With broken links a thing of the past with Budgyt, his few errors in his templates due to broken links were no more a concern.

  • All his allocations and eliminations are automatically handled now.


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We Delivered

  • Larry became a customer after we implemented these solutions After 4-6 weeks of development the excel linking has been successfully integrated into the Budgyt solution.

  • Larry has rolled out the solution to his team and they have uploaded dozens of excel linked sheets that are readily downloadable.

  • Larry and his team are saving a lot of time managing the budget process using Budgyt

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