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Pretty easy moving from Excel to Budgyt distributed platform.
— Scott Hendrickson, CFO Alliant National Title Insurance Co.

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Business organisations require owners and stakeholders to review finances frequently. A large number of businesses use manual accounting tools for identifying, measuring, analyzing and reporting financial data. Manual accounting tools have many limitations including calculation mistakes and higher costs due to large amounts of time involved in the budgeting process.

Budgeting usually is a time consuming and challenging process to set up and maintain different budgets in excel. As your business start growing and you need to manage inputs  from different people and resources, it becomes harder and harder to manage multiple spreadsheets. More and more businesses are replacing spreadsheets with small business budgeting software to manage their finances. This modern corporate budget planning software helps in instantly turning data into business insights. Excels spreadsheets are posing challenges to businesses in terms of control, security, workflow and automation. When spreadsheets are replaced with business financial planning software, organisations improve the overall process of accounting, planning, forecasting and budgeting. Budgyt is an ideal choice for replacing your old, sluggish and inaccurate methods of spreadsheets in many ways:

· It automates your annual budgeting process.

· It consolidates overall business financial information

· It helps in planning company’s financial decisions

· It maintains consistency across reports

· Business financial planning software helps businesses in collaboratively planning across enterprises.

· The reporting system is customization to suit your needs whether you require reports yearly, monthly or weekly.


With better accountability and transparency, Budgyt allow businesses to explore newer opportunities. It facilitates budgeting, forecasting and planning by providing better insight into company’s data. Corporate budget planning software helps businesses in accurately reflecting their current financial state, give users access to performance at a glance and helps in making better decisions for the future.

If you are looking for small business budgeting software with versatile features to automate your accounting and budgeting task, Budgyt is an ideal solution for your business.